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California-based ChooseHotTubsDirect reaches hurricane victims across U.S.

Choose Hot Tubs Direct CEO Steve Barbarich Gives Back & Steve Barbarich Charity hot tubs, spas and jacuzzis dealer Charity Efforts' with green portable spa, hot tub or jacuzzi in backgroundThe ubiquitous sense of community that almost all Baby Boomers enjoyed as children has faded throughout the years. In this day and age, we focus more on major woldly issues like the global warming of our polar ice caps or the consumption of peak oil than more domestic-specific issues that are currently affecting local communities around the nation with immediate, pressing urgency. It is sometimes difficult to feel the effects of a natural disastor or catastrophy that did not hit your region. We know of them. Hurricanes in Florida, tornadoes in the Mid-West, and wildfires in Southern California. The worst of them such as Hurricane Katrina evoke our inner humanity and emotional sympathy. Famous mucisians hold benefit concerts, other celebrities send their pleas accross the Internet through YouTube videos and politicians ask for your support through televised press conferences. But how often do we see efforts from the indidividuals and businesses from our local communities try to build awareness of another community's plight? Unless you live in areas near major corporations, it's probably not that often.

Part of the reason the potential for higher quanities of aid are never reached is because it is difficult for others to imagine how it would be for survivors of natural disasters. Sadly, another factor also includes the unwillingness to spend some of a business' profits at something other than the running of the business operations.

Trying to find information on California-based efforts for Hurricane Ike disaster relief through search engines did not turn up many results. The main one that showed up was Toyota Motor Sales USA but nothing about local, small businesses. Searching a little broader ("Hurricane Ike Disaster Relief fund") eventually leads you to an article related to Hurricane disaster relief, hot tubs, and an online company based out of the San Francisco, California,

Enter Choose Hot Tubs Direct. This online retail store for jacuzzi spas and portable hot tubs, and its headquarters lies in the heart of Northern California's San Francisco Bay Area. The online hot tubs store's founder, seasoned entrepreneur and CEO Steve Barbarich, realized at a young age that he needed to do something more than just earn profits with his businesses and vowed to use his businesses profits to assist in various charity efforts to bring people in need the help they deserve, according to the ".org" charity website that bares his name.

This October, Barbarich stays true to that committment and has teamed with the Gulf Coast Fund to create joint venture in hurricane disaster relief. Choose Hot Tubs Direct promises to donate a portion of the proceeds from every sale of Paradise Hot Tub Spa from the Island Escape Spas line of hot tub spas. "I feel a great relief knowing that our donations from Island Escape Spa sales will help bring the much needed disaster relief assistance to these victims of Hurricane Ike," says Barbarich.

One cause of why he remains adamant about helping people also serves as the inspiration behind his company's formation. The About section of explains that, before starting his own company, Steven Barbarich had a terrible experience trying to purchase a jacuzzi hot tub for his own home. The company he bought it from did nothing help him after he had called to complain that the company did not warn him about how huge the specific hot tub he bought was and that it might not fit through his front door. Now, Choose Hot Tubs Direct's mission is to educate customers about what to expect when choosing the right hot tub spa for their home and help them learn how to prepare for the arrival of their portable hot tub spa.

In California, we do not directly feel the effects of a hurricane though we do have our share of disasters including wildfires, floods and earthquakes. However, we have many celebrities and millionaires who reside in California and are able to generate a lot of donations in a short amount of time as compared to other states on their own. This is especially true for the Southern California regions surrounding Los Angeles. As a result, the rebuilding process after a natural disaster (namely devastating wildfires) is relatively quicker in Southern California than other parts of the country.

With that said, if a your community was struck by catastropic disaster like the Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906, all the members of your community would hope that there would be an effort of some sort to get U.S. citizens from all over produce a large collaborated effort to provide relief for your community. Choose Hot Tubs Direct is doing just that for communities ravaged by Hurricane Ike and awaiting more aid. They are encouraging other individuals and businesses (both small and large) to follow suit if they can.

You can join the effort too by donating online or mailing your contribution by check directly to the Gulf Coast Fund. Please refer to the Hurricane Disaster Relief page on the Choose Hot Tubs Direct website for more details and information on current developments of this joint venture for relief efforts with the Gulf Coast Fund.

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